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CBD: Nature’s New Go-To Ingredient for Healthy, Beautiful Hair

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

CBD products have been gaining a ton of mainstream attention. Between the Food and Drug Administration approving the first CBD medication for epilepsy and Mitch McConnell signing the Farm Bill with a hemp pen, the many uses of Cannabis sativa are endless. So endless that you can even implement CBD into your hair routine. In fact, it could be the mane ingredient in your regimen. Yeah, that was bad. So, let’s get to what’s good…and that’s CBD.

CBD may alleviate the itchiness of your scalp, strengthen hair follicles or keep those embarrassing flakes at bay. Want to learn more about the benefits of CBD for your hair? Here is the ultimate guide for using CBD to up your at-home beauty regimen.

Implement CBD into your hair routine

How CBD Helps Hair

Using CBD products for your hair regimen might seem far-fetched, but it makes a lot of sense when you think about it. CBD (scientifically known as cannabidiol) is derived from the hemp plant.

Quality CBD hair care products will utilize the whole plant. Each part of this versatile crop contains valuable resources that have proven beneficial to healthy hair.

The hemp plant can be broken into these three distinct parts:

Stalk — Rope-like fibers, ideal for thickening/texturizing hair follicles.

Seeds — Contains all 21 amino acids for optimal hair cell production.

Flower – Has CBD terpenes with anti-inflammatory properties for scalp conditions.

As you can see, every fiber, leaf and chemical compound in the hemp plant can have great benefits for your hair. That is why it’s so important to choose CBD products that boast “full spectrum hemp oil” or “whole plant” on the label.

CBD — The Complete Protein in Hair Care

Whenever something grows inside or outside of your body, there’s an amino acid at the root. Stacking on muscle? Amino acids. Regulating immune function? It’s those aminos. Growing hair follicles? You guessed it, amino acids.

There are 20 amino acids that carry out every imaginable function our body needs. Our body has the ability to produce all but nine of these proteins. Therefore, we must ingest these amino acids through diet and supplementation.

When it comes to hair, amino acids play a huge role in the length and strength and of these follicles. As certain amino acids interact with one another, they create a special protein that has been long-associated with hair care. We’re talking about keratin.

The Connection Between CBD and Keratin

Keratin is an almost gelatinous-like protein that is responsible for the growth of nails, scar tissue and hair follicles. This growth facilitator is so well-regarded in the cosmetic industry that many salons offer keratin treatments. While convenient, keratin treatments may be pricey and tend to not be cruelty-free.

Seeing as keratin is a protein created by mammals, keratin treatments are often made from animal products. Treatments with keratin can derive from animal hooves, claws, nails, teeth and hair. However, CBD is a cruelty-free response in your quest for keratin.

As mentioned, CBD is a complete protein. In particular, it’s rich in four amino acids that are the main catalysts for healthy follicles.

They are:


This is a non-essential amino acid. While your body does create arginine on its own, giving it a little boost never hurt. That’s because arginine stimulates blood circulation. This is essential for growing hair.

Think about it, it’s a long journey from your scalp to your heart. Not to mention, gravity makes it even harder for the blood cells to transport north. By having extra sheepdogs on the farm, you will get more sheep in the barn.

When red blood cells reach your scalp, they bring oxygen along. This will help defeat inflammation that may be causing hair conditions such as dandruff and psoriasis.


This amino acid may just be the most crucial of the bunch for the growth of healthy hair. One study assessing the role of amino acids in combating alopecia named cysteine the most abundant amino acid in the genetic code of keratin.

In addition, this amino acid helps provide sulfur to hair cells. This will help you manage that mange. Sulfur is pivotal in regulating the follicle’s elasticity and texture. Cysteine is an essential amino acid, making full spectrum CBD a great vegan choice for supplementation.


Speaking of essential amino acids, lysine is another one. Lysine is a big proponent in the production of collagen. As we age, collagen production naturally slows down. Due to this inevitable phenomenon, it is important to get enough lysine in your diet. Collagen gives structure to complex systems within our body. That includes our skin cells and hair follicles.

Those who incorporate lysine-dense products into their beauty regimen will notice more volume in their hair. Hair will have a healthier shine with a bit of a bounce.


The fourth on the list, and third essential amino acid, methionine is the precursor to collagen. It creates a protein aptly known as pre-collagen. As the name suggests, when stimulated properly, pre-collagen becomes the hair-strengthening remedy we long for.

In addition, methionine exhibits antioxidant-like abilities. This goes great lengths in cleaning out damaged tissues that may be directly under the skin in your hairline. When dead cells and decaying tissues litter your hairline, collagen has a harder time setting up shop. As a result, inflammation may flare up and cause hair loss or flaky skin.

Benefits of CBD for Hair

Now that you have an understanding of how CBD can lay the groundwork for a serious hair care overhaul, let’s talk about the many benefits a CBD and hair marriage can bring.

CBD Oil Moisturizes

Argan oil, Vitamin E oil, Carrot oil…oil is no stranger to hair therapy. So, why should CBD not be included in this list? CBD oil works like any other oil. When you apply it to your scalp, it helps lock in the moisture. That way your scalp line doesn’t end up red and itchy.

This healthy way of closing up your pores stops the nutrients in CBD from oxidizing from the hairline to the sky. Keeping in the CBD (and all the other micronutrients) allows time for blood to circulate toward the top of your head. In the meantime, other hair-beneficial nutrients in CBD (including antioxidants and Vitamin E) can carry out the functions necessary to produce a healthy head of hair.

CBD Isn’t Heavy

Some haircare treatments can really bog down your head. That’s a lot of burdens to carry all day. You shouldn’t be thinking about the boulder on top of your head. Your hair should be light and move freely.

Instead of CBD being absorbed by hair follicles, it sticks to it. This helps makes your hair more manageable. As your hair naturally dries, it will be bouncy, shiny and full of life. However, it will also be more versatile. You should be able to style your hair with ease thanks to the benefits of CBD.

CBD Relaxes You

On top of making your hair stronger and fuller, it also does the same for your mindset. Underneath our skin lies a multitude of cannabinoid receptors. These receptors have access to the governing system of our body, the endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system regulates so many essential functions of our day-to-day lives. It handles automatic actions like appetite and breathing, physical actions like digestion and muscle growth, and mental issues such as stress and hormone production. That’s a lot of ground to cover. Thankfully, CBD is up for the challenge.

Studies have shown that CBD exhibits sedative-like properties. The same can be said for massages. Therefore, massaging your scalp with CBD products in a relaxing bath is like a 3-for-1. Not only will you leave your shower with peace of mind, but beautiful locks as well!

How to Use CBD For Hair

What’s so great about CBD is that it’s not as pricey as a keratin or collagen treatment. Not to mention, it’s all-natural and cruelty-free. There are many companies out there that infuse CBD into their beauty regimen.

Some of the most popular include:

CBD for Life


CBD Skin Care Company

While these are very convenient, you can also personalize the experience for your needs. The great thing about CBD is that it has an entourage effect with other phytochemicals. Studies have found that when cannabinoids interact with other plant-based molecules, they strengthen the overall benefits.

Here are some great recipes to make CBD products at home.

DIY CBD Hair Products

CBD Hair Mask


2 ½ tablespoons organic coconut oil

10 drops organic lavender essential oil

1 teaspoon our orange CBD tincture

1 tablespoon organic jojoba oil

1 ripe organic avocado


Puree avocado in a food processor -

Pour lukewarm water into a bowl -

Stir in organic coconut oil until melted -

Pour into food processor -

Add drops of essential oils and CBD tincture -

Pulse until blended well -

Massage into scalp and leave for 30 minutes -

Shampoo and condition as normal -

Perishable, so don’t store for more than a couple hours

ACV and CBD Hair Rinse


⅛ cup organic raw apple cider vinegar -

1 ½ cups distilled water -

10 drops organic sweet orange essential oil -

2 drops organic lemongrass essential oil -

6 drops  Natural Flavor CBD tincture


Combine all ingredients in an amber bottle -

Put cap on and shake until well blended -

Shake bottle and apply to hair (avoid eyes and don’t use if hair is color treated)

Let sit up to a minute before rinsing with cold water.

CBD Itchy Scalp Relief


1 oz. organic argan oil -

1 oz. organic jojoba oil -

12 drops organic cedarwood essential oil -

6 drops Lemon CBD tincture

6 drops Orange CBD tincture


Combine all ingredients into an amber bottle -

Put on the cap and shake until well blended -

Use a ½ teaspoon, massage product into hair -

Lightly comb through hair and allow to dry

Rosemary, CBD Mint Shampoo for Alertness and Hair Repair


1 cup organic coconut milk

½ cup unscented castile soap -

1 teaspoon organic sunflower oil -

1 teaspoon vitamin E oil -

25 drops organic rosemary essential oil -

5 drops organic cedarwood essential oil -

5 drops organic tea tree oil -

15 drops tranquil mint CBD tincture


Combine all ingredients into a 16-ounce amber bottle.

Put on lid and shake until well combined.

Be sure to store in either a cool, dark place.

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