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500mg CBD Vape Pen Guide

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Our vaping device is specifically designed for use with CBD oil. This neat, pen-style vape offers a discreet alternative for CBD vapers to use with our high-bio availability, lab-tested, full spectrum CBD oil.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is a popular new health supplement made from the cannabis plant and usually mixed with coconut or hemp seed oil.

The upside of our CBD is that it doesn’t contain any tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the psychoactive element of cannabis. CBD oil is considered a dietary supplement rather than a drug and provides a way for consumers to get all the health benefits of cannabis without the high. CBD also doesn’t show up on any drug test.

You can take CBD oil in tinctures, salves, suppositories and capsules, as well as by inhaling it directly into the lungs.

What Are the Benefits of Vaping CBD Oil?

The bioavailability of CBD oil varies depending on the method used to administer it. Depending on how consumers take their CDB oil, be it orally, topically or via inhalation into the lungs, the amount of the product absorbed into the bloodstream — and therefore, of any benefit to the consumer — will change.

Significant research has gone into increasing the bioavailability of CBD oil over the past few years. Back in 2016, the bioavailability of CBD oil taken orally was found to be around 15 percent. One of the reasons behind this statistic is that CDB is hydrophobic (or doesn’t mix well with water), so the body tends to eliminate a proportion of it from the bloodstream. Additionally, taking CBD oil orally means it needs to get past the stomach and liver, the body’s filtration system. The liver naturally removes a degree of active CBD from your system as it passes through your body, meaning you don’t get the full effect.

When CBD oil is vaporized and inhaled into the lungs, it enters the bloodstream almost immediately via tissue in the lungs. This means the product bypasses the stomach and liver, allowing the body to absorb a far higher concentration for greater benefit.

Exact dosage varies depending on the product used, how much the user inhales at once, how deep they draw it into their lungs and how quickly they exhale. However, because vaporizers operate at a much lower temperature than conventional methods of inhaling cannabis, more of the beneficial compounds of CBD are preserved through vaping.

CBD Vape Pen

Our CBD vape device features a simple, clean and modern design in the popular pen shape. Its easy-to-use design is perfect for CBD consumers who may not necessarily know much about vaping. It features ceramic cartridges with a glass tank for superior durability. The tank holds up to 5ml of CBD e-liquid. The main body is 7.6cm long, while the chamber adds an extra 2.7cm. When the cartridge runs out of oil, simply replace it with a new one.

The device features a draw-activated firing mechanism and doesn’t have any buttons on it. An automatic shut-off system deactivates the device after 10 seconds of constant drawing to preserve the atomizer. This also helps to prevent burning the oil and fouling its taste.

The CCELL atomizer operates at a resistance level of 0.9ohms to 3.0ohms, depending on the power output, which ranges up to a maximum of 9.5 watts. The brass-plated atomizer is wrapped in cellulose and features a ceramic wick and a nichrome heating element. It’s also sealed with silicone to help prevent leakage.

The device incorporates a 340 mAh battery, easily chargeable via USB. The battery is by no means huge, but it’s understandable that such a slender product wouldn’t have the biggest battery. It’s also not the lowest-capacity battery on the CBD vape market, or indeed across the entire vaping product range. One benefit of a smaller battery is that it only takes a short while to charge fully, and its USB connection allows users to charge the battery from their computer, in the car or anywhere else they can find USB power, rather than just via a wall adapter. An LED indicator light illuminates while charging. When fully charged, the device’s indicator light will flash before switching off.

Our CBD Vape Pen also features a standard 510 thread connection, so it’s compatible with many other cartridges and chambers available on the market. This allows for the use of CBD oil and regular e-liquid all in the one device with a simple cartridge swap.

Using our Joy Organics CBD Vape Pen is, as the name suggests, a joy. The device produces an impressive hit for its small size, and the liquid in the cartridge is also delicious. The undertones of the CBD oil are there, but a slight hint of citrus adds to it, making it a highly pleasurable experience and sure to please anyone who has been taking CBD oil orally.

The device isn’t compatible with waxes, concentrates or dry herbs. It’s aimed at fans of CBD oil specifically, as opposed to cannabis users. Handling CBD vaping liquid is as easy as using any other kind of e-juice. Owners can get all the benefits of CBD without dealing with the odd consistencies of some of the other cannabis products available.

What Is Vaping CBD Oil Like?

CBD oil vaping liquids aren’t the same as the oil found in tinctures and capsules. The oil is mixed with other liquids, in this case medium-chain triglyceride coconut oil (MCT), to create fluid compatible with vaporizers.

Traditional CBD oil is known for its acquired taste. Many consumers describe the flavor as “earthy.” Some like it, some don’t. Another benefit of vaping CBD oil is that it often provides additional flavorings to help make the CBD more palatable. Our slightly citrusy CBD e-liquid, the flavor of which is derived from terpenes, is particularly pleasing on the taste buds.

CBD oil vapor also doesn’t produce the same lingering smell that can appear when smoking cannabis. This means that CBD fans can maintain the utmost discretion when using their vaping device. It just looks like any other e-liquid vaping device.

How Does Our CBD Vape Pen Stack Up Against the Competition?

There are a lot of vape products out there, so you might be wondering which you should choose. Compared to other CBD vape products on the market, our CBD Vape Pen is a great option for a wide range of people. It’s compatible with a range of CBD e-liquids, whereas many competitor products limit the number of products that buyers can use with them.

It’s also far simpler to use than many of its competitors, with automatic draw activation and no buttons. Its design is modern and sleek, unlike some of the much bulkier box mod alternatives that don’t offer much in the way of a performance boost for their additional size. It’s discreet, has a pleasant taste and contains 500mg of CBD in each cartridge. If you think our CBD vape might be the right option for you, check it out on our shop today!

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