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10 Tips for Traveling With CBD Oil

The world of CBD is such a new horizon and is taking health and beauty care to new heights. However, can you bring CBD miles high? After all, the new “it” product is derived from a plant that is a member of the Cannabis sativa family.

While CBD oil comes from hemp, which is not an illegal plant, other members of the Cannabis sativa genus are illegal on a federal level. In fact, marijuana is considered a schedule 1 controlled substance. Yes, the same list that houses opiates and LSD.

With that being said, if you’re a bit skeptical to travel with CBD oil, it’s completely understandable. In this cloud of doubt, we are here to help alleviate those worries. Here are 10 tips for traveling with CBD oil safely.

1. Know the Laws Where You Are Going

CBD is new to the world, so restrictions (and paranoia) might still be a bit on the higher side of things. Before you go anywhere with CBD oil, you should look into what the rules are where you are going. While everything we will discuss covers traveling laws within the United States, these rules may change abroad.

For instance, CBD is widely accepted through Europe and the United Kingdom. However, CBD oil is still outlawed in the Netherlands and Slovakia. Therefore, you may get in trouble for traveling with your supplements to foreign countries. Always look up specific laws. When in doubt, ask a professional or go without.  

2. Make Sure Your CBD Oil is Farm Bill Compliant

To be classified as CBD oil, the product must be extracted from hemp. This is because hemp doesn’t contain much of the psychoactive cannabinoid, THC. If a plant contains more than 0.3% of this cannabinoid, then it’s no longer classified as hemp. It’s technically marijuana.

To avoid this “mistake,” (or to prevent the low-key cultivation of marijuana), hemp plants are heavily regulated. Thanks to the Farm Bill 2014, growing hemp plants is no longer illegal on a federal level but is under a strict watchful eye. 

Under the Farm Bill, you must apply to your state to get permission for hemp cultivation. States will sign off on a company growing hemp based on two precedents. The company must be approved for that particular state’s pilot program, or growing hemp must be okayed for academic research. Again, this is under the state’s discretion.

3. Get a Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Getting a full spectrum CBD oil means that the whole hemp plant is used. Leaves, stems and seeds are put under pressure. When this happens, the oils within the plant material secrete out of the plant and are collected for high-quality CBD products.

By purchasing full spectrum CBD oil, you are getting as many cannabinoids as possible in your formula. This is ideal for increasing the strength of your supplement. That’s because cannabinoids have a “You scratch my back, I scratch yours” kind of system going on. Studies suggest cannabinoids have an entourage effect on one another. This means cannabinoids increase the potency and bioavailability of all the other chemical compounds in the CBD oil.

The only cannabinoid missing from the equation? THC. When you get a full spectrum CBD oil from Joy Organics, you don’t need to worry about THC lingering in the final product and getting you in any legal trouble. That’s because any traces of THC are removed from the final product prior to encapsulating the CBD oil for consumption.

4. Know What’s In Your CBD Products

The reason why CBD oil can be such a murky water to navigate is that CBD products are not regulated. Unless a company implements third-party testing on their products (and is transparent with its results), there may be trace materials in your product. These materials unknown to you may land you in some hot water with cops in the know.

Go with a full spectrum CBD oil that divulges all the active and inactive ingredients. A company that goes the extra mile to have an unbiased eye check its quality goes a long way in producing a reliable product. Plus, choosing a company with this sort of transparency can help alleviate any worries about breaking laws.

5. Don’t Stress TSA

TSA is the DMV of the airport. In fact, it may be worse. On top of not wanting to be there, you may find yourself receiving an uncomfortable pat down or have someone rummaging through your unmentionables. The whole process is demoralizing enough as it is. No need to add stress to the situation by worrying about being “caught” with CBD oil.

The job of TSA is to do more than touch your underoos. They aren’t there to look for illegal substances. Their main concern is to ensure the safety of the passengers, security of the airport and the integrity of the aircraft.

If you’re getting a pat down, they’re not worried about the type of supplements in your bag. Instead, they’re looking for potentially dangerous weapons that can be a hazard once the plane is thousands of miles in the air.

6. Keep Records on You

In case you do come across a vigilante-in-the-making TSA agent, it doesn’t hurt to have all of your ducks in a row. Keep a copy of your printed CBD oil order so they can see that the product is derived strictly from hemp.

If you are a medical cannabis card holder, make it a habit to travel with your registration. You never know who might require you to authenticate your need for medicinal cannabis care. It’s small enough to slip into your wallet. So, just keep it in the same spot so that it’s always readily available whenever you’re in a legal pickle.

7. Follow Airport Rules on Liquids

Forget getting “busted” for having a cannabis product, the worst is getting your supplements confiscated. This is a pretty expensive “oopsie” to make. If you are flying with CBD oil, be aware of any airport restrictions.

While oils are more than just liquid to us, in the eyes of TSA…they’re still liquids. Whether you are carrying water, hair gel or CBD oil, if the container is larger than 3.4 ounces, you can’t bring it onboard.

On top of that, you can’t leave the CBD oil alone in your bag if you have other liquids floating about as well. Whenever you are getting onto a plane with liquids in tow, they all must be put into the same plastic bag. You are allowed one quart-sized resealable bag full of liquids per person on a flight.

8. Bring it Onboard

If you act like you have something to hide, then it seems like you have something to hide. When you travel with CBD oil, it’s best to be upfront about it. Hiding it deep in the depths of your checked luggage may raise a red flag. In turn, you run the risk of your luggage being checked.

Not only don’t you want people ruffling through your personal items, but having your bag searched ups the chances of theft. Unfortunately, over $25 million worth of property was stolen from checked bags between 2010 and 2014. Having a higher ticket item like CBD oil may tempt TSA thieves to rummage through your belongings.

Lastly, having the CBD oil on your person allows you to put fires out as they come up. In the rare case that someone sees the CBD oil in your bag and question its legality, they may contact the authorities. In turn, you may get off the plane to an embarrassing surprise. Having CBD oil in your carry-on allows you to show documentation before the authorities arrive.

9. Choose to Travel with CBD Softgels Over CBD Oil

The best way to travel with CBD oil without any worry about liquid laws is to opt for a softgel. Due to the nanoemulsion process used, Our CBD oil is no longer in a liquid state. Its gelatinous texture is broken into tiny microbeads of CBD. From there, the cannabinoids are engulfed in a casing void of any psychoactive chemical compounds. Therefore, the softgels are legal in 50 states and are TSA-friendly.

10. Use Your CBD Oil to Avoid Travel Stress

While you’re going through all the trouble of flying with CBD oil, you might as well use it. There’s no doubt that traveling is a stressful experience. From trying to make connections to dealing with that annoying kid kicking the back of your seat, there’s a lot of reasons to use CBD products. So, use them!

When we are under stress, our body produces the hormone cortisol. This is our fight-or-flight instinct. During a flight, our body goes into…flight-mode. Whether you’re elbowing your neighbor over the armrest or are freaking out over every bout of turbulence, stress levels are as high as the plane!

The primary goal of CBD oil is to bring homeostasis to the system. When we are under stress, our cannabinoids in the bloodstream seek out the agitated cannabinoid receptors. As these receptors become stimulated by the CBD, they send a sedative message to the brain. This results in a less stressful traveling experience. After all, traveling shouldn’t be stressful. It should be fun! Leave the stress at the terminal by traveling with your CBD products.

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