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Bill and Diana have been involved with natural health products and wellness for over 25 years. After starting his career in technology, Bill branched off into the adventurous world of photography. At the same time Diana was spending her time in libraries and academia. They met purely by accident while in their 30’s and discovered how two almost opposite personalities can work well together. 


After watching several older relatives battle with what we now know are lifestyle illnesses, these two baby-boomers were determined to age, not gracefully, but kicking and screaming, as the saying goes. While operating a mail order business they discovered a company with exceptional quality nutracueticals and thus began their interest in wellness and wellness education. Over the years they have worked with hundreds of people with information and coaching, including publishing a best selling book on how to use natural products for the best results.


Fast forward to 2018 and the realization that both are now more than a little middle aged. When CBD emerged as the big thing, they were interested in what options it might bring to their lifestyle and their customers. They were very excited to discover that good friends of over 20 years from the wellness field, the Smiths, were producing CBD products. If you’re lucky in your life, you meet a few people who you know live by the highest ethical and professional standards. That is what they had seen from Joy and Todd for all those years. When they were given the opportunity to represent Joy Organics they didn’t hesitate for a minute. Not all CBD is created equal. Bill and Diana are only interested in working with the best and are convinced that Joy and her company will only provide the best. Every “i will be dotted and every t crossed”. Joy and Todd have a huge commitment to helping people through the excellence of their products.


In the same way, Bill and Diana continue to take great joy in helping others live a lifestyle of wellness. They sincerely believe a partnership with Joy Organics will help bring great health benefits to everyone involved.

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